We are back!

After a long break, we decided to reopen our online shop on Etsy. Now, we come back to our blog. It will be one of us who run it. Here I introduce myself!

You can call me Happy Sunflower

It's me who mostly runs Freearth. I am currently a student at University, too. That is why my time is really limited. However, I love making t-shirts and selling them. I also love blogging. 

I am so excited to be back

I can't wait to dream out loud with you. I am going to be posting recipes, opinion posts, photographs, experiences... I would love to have a feedback, so please comment and talk to me!! :)

This is how I'll do it

I am going to share at least one post every week, on Fridays. Spanish is my first language, but I decided I am only going to be speaking English, so that I can reach more people and everything looks less messy. You can contact me in Spanish, though!

The blog appearence will be changing

Changing this blog's style and making it look more like Freearth's style is one of my goals, so it will be happening slowly :-) 

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